Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karin Mika Has Your Picture

Mika, Karin and Mark For the Legal Writing History video that will premier next Tuesday at the LWI Conference n Marco Island, Professor Karin Mika says that she collected "many, many pictures, past and present, from many sources and people."  Knowing Karin, that is a massive understatement about the amount of work she's done to document the history of the Legal Writing Institute and its members.  So many of you attending the LWI Conference in Marco Island may be surprised to see yourselves, or see some of the pictures that Karin was unable to unearth or otherwise secure by bribery.  Also plan to have a look at the poster for the ALWD/LWI Scholarship Committee, which will include a mosaic that is constructed entirely of pictures of Legal Writing profs.  Karin put together a database of about 300 pictures and used a mosaic program to construct the final image.  This is going to be fun.

(In the photo, Karin Mika and Mark Wojcik)


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