Monday, June 28, 2010

Burton Gets the Golden Pen

IMG_4555  The Legal Writing Institute Conference is in full swing at Marco Island, where the largest number of paid attendees in the LWI's 25-year history and great vendor support have pushed overall attendance beyond 650 persons.

William Burton received the Golden Pen Award this morning.  Among other things, he's the author of Burton's Legal Thesaurus -- a book that came out in its first edition even before there were Legal Writing Institute Conferences.  Unfortunately the publisher of that book isn't an exhibitor here -- they would have sold lots of copies of it and a great number of our colleagues would have likely added it to the recommended textbook list for classes this fall.

Burton's acceptance speech was great and included a great 4-minute excerpt from the 2004 Burton Awards. Burton is pictured here (with his wife) receiving the award from LWI President Ken Chestek.

(Photo courtesy of David Austin)


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