Tuesday, April 20, 2010

legal writing at the forefront of multi-cultural legal education

062209-dennisJohanna Joahnna Dennis at Vermont Law School has written an article challenging legal writing professors on another front:  "Ensuring a Multicultural Educational Experience in Legal Education: Start with the Legal Writing Classroom".  Here's her abstract:

"Legal educators have an obligation to educate the future generation of lawyers in a multicultural way by creating a learning environment in which the issues faced by minority communities are criticized, evaluated and challenged.

"This article discusses multicultural education, current efforts in the law school which positively impact the educational experience, some of the shortfalls in these efforts, the need for first-year integration of multicultural topics, and how an educator in the legal academy can ensure that her students receive a well-rounded multicultural educational experience. In particular, the article addresses creating a multicultural educational experience through the lens of a minority legal writing professor, whose role entails instructing students in small-section classes on predictive and persuasive writing over the course of the first two or three semesters of law school. The article concludes by making recommendations for how all legal educators can impact the pipeline to the legal profession by enhancing the law school experience through multicultural education. "



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