Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scholarship alert: Volume 18, (Fall 2009) "Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing"

Brutal Choices in Curricular Design...

Mika, Karin. Games in the law school classroom: enhancing the learning experience. 18 Perspectives 1-6 (2009). 

Enquist, Anne. Multitasking and legal writing. 18 Perspectives 7-10 (2009).

Teachable Moments...

Scott, Jane. Intro to plagiarism. 18 Perspectives 11-15 (2009). 

Liemer, Susan. Teaching students to harness the power of word processing as they write. 18 Perspectives 16-17 (2009). 

Turner, Tracy. E-mail etiquette in the business world. 18 Perspectives 18-23 (2009). 

Centeno, Candace Mueller. A recipe for successful student conferences: one part time sheets, one part student conference preparation questionnaire, and a dash of partial live editing. 18 Perspectives 24-29 (2009). 

Writing Tips...

Armstrong, Stephen V. and Timothy P. Terrell. Why is it so hard to front-load? 18 Perspectives 30-33 (2009). 

Olszewska, Mary and Thomas E. Baker. An annotated bibliography on law teaching. 18 Perspectives 34-42 (2009). 

Bintliff, Barbara. Legal research and writing resources: recent publications. 18 Perspectives 43-48 (2009). 

Hotchkiss, Mary A. Index to Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing, volumes 1-17 (1992-2009). 18 Perspectives 49-92 (2009).

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