Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legal Writing Institute Summer Conference at Marco Island

Marco Island Rowe 3 OK, we're going to be at a resort.  But if you think for a minute that there will be any less content at this summer's LWI conference, you would be sadly mistaken.  Click here to see the extraordinary program of offerings at the conference, which will be held at Marco Island Florida from Sunday June 27 to Wednesday evening, June 30, 2010.

The Conference co-chairs tell us that program promises to be fantastic.  Here's what they posted to the Legal Writing Listserve: 

The conference kicks off Sunday, June 27, with a golf tournament, an LWI board meeting, and the opening reception.  Monday, the programs begin with a plenary session delivered by Professor Sophie Sparrow, who is known for her dynamic teaching and forward-looking approach to curricular reform.  Throughout the conference -- whether through poster presentations, evening popcorn sessions, or traditional presentations -- you will find sessions that appeal to new and experienced teachers.

Some things are new.  For example, if you are looking for new teaching ideas, consider the “Idea Bank Live” presentations; in each of those presentations, presenters will deliver three concrete teaching ideas in just one 75-minute session.  Finally, this year, we are inviting practitioners to purchase a one-day registration for Wednesday; therefore, you will also find programming on Wednesday that appeals to both teachers and practitioners.  We're looking forward to a great program.

Alison Julien, 2010 Conference Co-Chair

Joan Malmud Rocklin, 2010 Program Committee Co-Chair

Here is a link to the LWI conference website, which has lots of information (including how to reserve your hotel room).  You can extend the special hotel rate for a few days on either end of the conference in case you want to take your family to the everglades or some other part of south Florida. 


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