Friday, February 19, 2010

LWI President-Elect (in a New Orleans Saints Football Jersey)

I lost the bet Why is Ken Chestek, a legal writing professor at the University of Indiana-Indianapolis and  President-elect of the Legal Writing Institute, wearing a New Orleans Saints football jersey?  Because he made a bet with Mary Algero, a legal writing professor at Loyola University in New Orleans and President-elect of the Association of Legal Writing Directors as to whose team would win the Superbowl.  The loser had to don the other side's jersey, have their photo taken at the classroom podium, and post the photo on Facebook for a week.  The loser also has to wear the jersey to the other writing organization's board meeting in Marco Island at LWI's conference in June.  Get used to that Saints shirt, Ken!


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Message to Ken: We salute you for honoring the bet. You, sir, are a real man. And take comfort in this—that’s a mighty good-looking jersey you’ve got on. You may have lost the bet, but if you get to keep the jersey, you’re coming out ahead. When I see you wearing it at Marco Island, I’ll envy you.

Posted by: Ray Ward | Feb 19, 2010 6:05:36 PM

Black and gold does suit him well. Perhaps he should reconsider his team allegiance?

Posted by: Therese | Feb 21, 2010 9:31:23 AM

I have to say, I am hoping Ken will pass the Brees jersey on to me after its appearance at Marco Island. Ken? GEAUX SAINTS! By the way, for any of you who attended the Blackwell reception at AALS in New Orleans, the City has pretty much felt that kind of exuberance and more since the Superbowl win. We have had parades every day starting the Friday before the SuperBowl and just finished up this past Tuesday. Back to reality I suppose. Mary Garvey Algero, LOYOLA NEW ORLEANS

Posted by: Mary Garvey Algero | Feb 22, 2010 7:03:56 AM

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