Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Legal research on the go? There's an app for that.

Fastcase is about to release an iPhone application that lets users do legal research on the go and according to one blogger who's tried it, it not only works well, but it's free (both the app. and the research!).  Several sources have reported the story including the the online ABA Journal and the Legal Blog Watch which took it for a test drive.    Here's one screen-shot of it:

Screenshot_1 More screen shots are available here.  According to Robert Ambrogi of LBW who had the chance to try an advance copy:

The app provides access to the largest free law library available on the iPhone. When you arrive at the main menu, you can select to perform one of three tasks: search caselaw, search statutes or browse statutes. Select caselaw and you come to a search screen. By default, the app searches all jurisdictions and date ranges. You can choose to narrow any of these. For example, you can select all or any combination of federal circuit courts, all or any federal district courts, all or any bankruptcy courts, and all or any state courts. (Like Fastcase on the Web, it includes all 50 states and the federal courts.) Likewise, you can search all dates or set the start and end dates to limit the range.

You can read more of his review here.

Will it be long before students are required to purchase iPhones for law school in addition to, or instead of, laptops?

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