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Legal Writing Articles on SSRN

LWI 25 The Legal Writing Institute sponsors a page on the Social Science Research Network ( for articles relating to legal writing and its teaching.  You can access the legal writing page by clicking here.  


If you register for SSRN (which is free, easy, and does not subject you to anything evil), you can also subscribe to the LWI page.  If you do that, you’ll get an email about once a month with the latest postings for articles on legal writing.  You can access almost all of these articles for free.  (SSRN is also a great research tool to teach to your students.)  Enter the abstract number (or author name or article title), click on the link, click download, choose a location (doesn’t really matter which one), and you will have the article (again, for free!).  As of November 20, 2009, there are 629 articles in the LWI database of legal writing articles on SSRN.

    Here is a list of some popular legal writing articles you can find on SSRN.  Some of these articles are in law reviews, some in practitioner journals, and some in publications specifically for law students:

· Kenneth D. Chestek, The Plot Thickens: The Appellate Brief as Story,

· Darby Dickerson, Reducing Citation Anxiety,

· Susan Duncan, Thesis Paragraphs,

· Anne M. Enquist, Unlocking the Secrets of Highly Successful Legal Writing Students,

· Judith D. Fischer, Avoiding Plagiarism in Legal Documents,

· Laura P. Graham & Miriam E. Felsenburg, Beginning Legal Writers in Their Own Words: Why the First Weeks of Legal Writing are so Tough and What We Can Do about It,

· Michael J. Higdon, From Simon Cowell to Tim Gunn: What Reality Television Can Teach Us About How to Critique Our Students' Work Effectively,

· Jan M. Levine, Designing Assignments for Teaching Legal Analysis, Research and Writing,

· Susan Liemer & Hollee Temple, Did Your Legal Writing Professor Go to Harvard? The Credentials of Writing Faculty at Hiring Time,

· Michael A. Millemann & Steven D. Schwinn, Teaching Legal Research and Writing with Actual Legal Work: Extending Clinical Education into the First Year,

· Shawn G. Nevers, Legal Research Readings to Inspire and Inform Students,

· Jessica Price, Imagining the Law-Trained Reader: The Faulty Description of the Audience in Legal Writing Textbooks,

· Suzanne E. Rowe, Legal Research, Legal Analysis, and Legal Writing: Putting Law School into Practice,

· Jack Lee Sammons, The Lawyer’s Moral Obligation to Write Well,

· Wayne Schiess, Ethical Legal Writing,

· David E. Sorkin, Sex Ed for Legal Writers,

· David Thomson, CaseMap as a Tool for the Research Log Function: Finally, a Technology that Can Help Us Teach Better,

· Kathleen Elliott Vinson, Improving Legal Writing: A Life-Long Learning Process and Continuing Professional Challenge,

· Mark E. Wojcik, Add an E to Your IRAC,

If you have particular favorites on SSRN, send us a note in the comment box.


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