Sunday, October 18, 2009

Advice for students - "How to be a great law clerk"

This article appears in the ABA's Summer 2009 Journal of the Section of Litigation which is available to members online here but most likely will be in many law school libraries should non-members be interested in taking a gander.  The article is authored by Justice David J. Richman of the Colorado Court of Appeals and chronicles his own experiences clerking for an appellate judge after graduating from law school more than 34 years ago as well his mid-career decision to become a permanent clerk for a federal district court judge beginning in 2003 (until the judge's death in 2008). 

As you might imagine, Justice Richman emphasizes the importance of clear, concise writing, meticulous research, great organizational skills and an aptitude for managing one's time well.  You might want to grab the article - found in Volume 35 (summer 2009) of the Journal at page 16 - as a good class handout for 1L's or a good handout for upper class students contemplating a judicial clerkship upon graduation.

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