Tuesday, March 31, 2009

inaugural issue of LRWPROF-L Community News

The Legal Writing Prof Blog is happy to host the inaugural issue of the LRWPROF listserv's newsletter.

Download it here:  Download 2lrwprof_Newsletter_Vol1_Issue_1_033109[1] [slightly revised from the version posted here earlier today]
And here is a message from the newsletter editors:


The emergence of this newsletter testifies to the success of the LRWPROF-L.  Legal writing has emerged as a professional field and has attracted a diverse professional community.  This listserv alone has attracted a membership of over 1000 members.  In this changing environment, the primary purpose of this newsletter is to further what we believe is the common goal: a sense of community among all legal-writing professionals as lifelong learners and educators, with a love for the law and the written word.  In this spirit, use of the newsletter will free the Listserv for shared dialogue about pedagogical and professional issues of general interest to all members of the listserv community.

Thus, the vision is that this newsletter will become the primary vehicle for publicizing personal triumphs (or setbacks) and home-institution milestones. By providing an alternative and regular forum for personal news and greetings or congratulations directed to individuals, this newsletter will allow us to meet and greet one another on the List in a spirit of professional grace and inclusiveness.                

To allow members to find personal news more quickly, the newsletter will feature regular columns on 1) Innovations & Progress; 2) Faculty Publications; 3) Electronic Press (SSRN, BePress, Blogs, Websites); and 4) Community Outlets (journals and conferences as well as news of upcoming events and reviews of those events).  

The newsletter will be published about every four months in March, August, and December. We invite your ideas and your contributions. Our next deadline is August 10, 2009 with publication on August 31, 2009. Please direct your submissions, questions, concerns, alternative perspectives, ideas for enhancing this newsletter, etc., to any member of the listserv committee (listed below, and also on page 4 of the newsletter).

Our Best Regards and Our Sincere Appreciation for your contributions to this shared enterprise,

~LRWPROF-L Listserv Committee

Michelle Cue
DePaul University

Daphne Elizabeth O'Regan
Michigan State College of Law

Allison Ortlieb
DePaul University

Kimberly D. Phillips, Tech Chair
Texas Tech Univ. School of Law

Kathryn A. Sampson, Chair/Editor
Univ. of Arkansas School of Law



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