Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exclusive scoop - LSAC reports law schools apps are up.

Considering previous reports that law school applications are down this year, it came as a surprise when the LSAC issued a password protected report today stating that as of February 27, 2009, year-to-date law school applications are up 4.3% at private institutions and 2.4% at public law schools.  One administrator speculated that this unexpected up-tick may be a reflection of the applicants' frustration with the present non-legal job market.   If you think it's frustrating now, just wait fella'!

We'll all have to wait until the report is publicly issued before we can make better sense of the data.

Whether you consider these numbers good news or not will likely depend on whether you think the Mel Gibson film Gallipoli is a light-hearted "buddy-movie" or a chilling meditation on the cavalier waste of human life.

I am the scholarship dude.



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