Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't try this at work! At home? Maybe.

Apropos to our blog entry a few days ago about the downside of taping one's class, this YouTube video pretty much cements the point.  After this tape surfaced on the Internet, this University of Florida business professor was promptly fired for being "stoned" during class. 

If this is how future business leaders are being educated, it goes a long way to explaining how we got into our current financial mess, to say nothing of giving the term "higher education" a whole new meaning.

Update - April 3, 2009.  Read more about this story here.


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Okay, *maybe* he is stoned. It would certainly be consistent with his behavior. However, that might be consistent with a few other things too -- I've pulled my share of all nighters working on projects, without a drug in my system aside from caffeine, and bee in a similar state. He could, possibly, also be on some kind of legal medication. Or, perhaps he's simply suffering from some kind of temporary disability.

I guess that absent evidence that he was under the influence of illegal drugs that I would like to be a voice of compassion and to ask what happened to "innocent until proven guilty?"

I love an irreverent post as much as the next blogger (more so, I'd say), but I'm not going to join the pile-on here, and I'm disappointed that you have without asking a few critical questions.

Posted by: Marc J. Randazza | Mar 30, 2009 4:49:07 PM

This story was also reported in the Chronicle of Higher Ed News Blog from September 28, 2006 in which a senior university administrator explained why the professor was fired. The blog article can be found here:

Posted by: Jim. | Mar 30, 2009 7:59:52 PM


Stoned or not, that guy has no business teaching like that. Students pay something called "tuition," and as a student myself, I know damn well sure that I do not pay to have a guy like that "teach" me.

Posted by: Roger | Apr 3, 2009 11:48:44 AM

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