Monday, December 22, 2008

New book on teaching writing to the Wikipedia generation.

Geared primarily towards college writing professors, a new book by Professor Robert E. Cummings of Columbus State University in Georgia on how to teach writing to the "Wikipedia generation" will undoubtedly be of interest to some legal writing professors.  The book, entitled "Lazy Virtues:  Teaching Writing in the Age of Wikipedia," was due out from Vanderbilt University Press on December 15 although according to the publisher's website, pre-orders are still be taken. 

According to the publisher, Professor Cummings' book:  "explores the challenges confronting teachers of college writing in the increasingly electronic and networked writing environments their students use every day. Rather than praising or condemning that site for its role as an encyclopedia, Cummings instead sees it as a site for online collaboration between writers and a way to garner audience for student writing.

Lazy Virtues offers networked writing assignments to foster development of student writers by exposing them to the demands of professional audiences, asking them to identify and assess their own creative impulses in terms of a project's needs, and removing the writing teacher from the role of sole audience."

The book is also available for pre-order from major online book retailers.

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