Wednesday, November 5, 2008

comparing print and computer-based research

Here's an article of interest, as found by Dr. Natalie Tarenko, the writing specialist at Texas Tech:

Last week (Oct. 27), the Legal Writing Prof Blog posted an announcement about a new column in the Virginia Bar Association News Journal (Oct.-Nov. 2008): “Writer’s Block,” by David Spratt.  I did enjoy and learn from Spratt’s column and encourage everyone to read it and share it with students; I look forward to future columns.  However, I am writing to alert all of you to another great article on page 8 of the same journal issue: “Marshall McLuhan in the Modern Law Office: Has Technology Changed the Way We Think?” by Ross C. Reeves.  Reeves writes perceptively and persuasively about fundamental difference/s between print and computer based research.  His conclusions relate to research outside of legal contexts as well.  Here is the URL for the journal issue:

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