Monday, August 25, 2008

Blogs We Like

Sorkin_david_2We posted here earlier on our favorite legal writing blogs, sharing with you a quick list drawn up by David Sorkin of The John Marshall Law School.  Although the blog addresses we gave were all good, the website didn't allow you to click on the links and visiti those sites.  We've fixed that (I hope!) and we're now reposting the first list of Barger_coleen some of our favorite blogs. Click here to read a follow up post from Coleen Barger with other links to blogs of interest for legal writing professors.  And we know that in in this blogified world there are certainly other blogs to visit, so please add your favorites by leaving a comment to this message.

Legal Writing Prof Blog
the best-known academic legal writing blog -- hey!  you're reading it right now!

Wayne Schiess's Legal Writing Blog
a blog on legal writing from Wayne Schiess (U. of Texas)

Law Librarian Blog
a blog for law librarians; often covers legal research instruction

Law School Academic Support Blog
a blog for academic support professionals

Legal Writing Institute
not a blog, but offers some good links

legal research, analysis, and writing resources, from Peter Friedman (Case)

The New Legal Writer
a blog on legal writing from New Orleans lawyer Raymond Ward

a contract drafting blog from Ken Adams

The Party of the First Part
adventures in legalese, from Adam Freedman

Legal Research & Writing Pro
a blog for research and writing professionals, from Lisa Solomon

Set in Style
a blog on law firm publishing, from Mister Thorne

The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog
tips and techniques for trial lawyers, from Evan Schaeffer

Onecle Inc.
a blog on legal research from Onecle Inc.

... and another list of legal writing blogs and course sites (from co-blogger Coleen Barger)

Hat tip to David Sorkin of The John Marshall Law School in Chicago.


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