Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LWI Conference Preview - Tuesday Lunch (Pink Ink)

Pink_ink Pink Ink is the LGBT caucus of the Legal Writing Institute.  In addition to the Diversity Luncheon on Tuesday, there will also be a Pink Ink luncheon.  I think it will work the same way (you pick up a box lunch from the conference and go to the room assigned), but it wouldn't surprise me if we end up having it catered instead with some fabulous 10-course luncheon, live music, and dancing.  Anyway, keep the event on your calendar, and remember that "membership" in Pink Ink is not restricted to members of the LGBT community.  It is for allies and friends (and anyone who likes a 10-course luncheon, live music, and dancing). 

Discussion topics at the Pink Ink luncheon may include:

  • Using issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in memoranda and advocacy assignments, particularly in light of California now allowing same-sex weddings (and that California does not require persons getting married there to be from California);
  • Latest research resources for LGBT scholarship;
  • Mentoring and support for LGBT professors and students;
  • Hiring practices of law schools;
  • Attending the AALS Hiring Conference as an openly LGBT candidate (or recruiter); and
  • A preview of an all-day program at the AALS Annual Meeting in San Diego on Sexual Orientation Issues Across the Curriculum.

And hey, since we're talking about Pink Ink, click here for Pink Ink Items at the Bad-ass Legal Writing Store.



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