Friday, February 1, 2008

newest issue of LWI Journal available online

Want something more interesting to read this weekend than student briefs (fascinating though they may be)? The Legal Writing Institute has just released Volume 13 of the LWI Journal, and the articles and essay are all publicly available online--in other words, for free. Much good reading here, as evidenced by this list of authors and titles:

  • Susan E. Thrower, Teaching Legal Writing through Subject-Matter Specialties: A Reconception of Writing across the Curriculum
  • Laurie C. Kadoch, The Third Paradigm: Bringing Legal Writing “Out of the Box” and into the Mainstream: A Marriage of Doctrinal Subject Matter and Legal Writing Doctrine
  • Mitchell Nathanson, Dismantling the “Other”: Understanding the Nature and Malleability of Groups in the Legal Writing Professorate’s Quest for Equality
  • Sophie Sparrow, Practicing Civility in the Legal Writing Course: Helping Law Students Learn Professionalism
  • Cara Cunningham & Michelle Streicher, The Methodology of Persuasion: A Process-Based Approach to Persuasive Writing
  • Stefano Moscato, Teaching Foundational Clinical Lawyering Skills to First-Year Students
  • Sanford N. Greenberg, Legal Research Training: Preparing Students for a Rapidly Changing Research Environment
  • Ted Becker & Rachel Croskery-Roberts, Avoiding Common Problems in Using Teaching Assistants: Hard Lessons Learned from Peer Teaching Theory and Experience
  • George D. Gopen, CCISSR: The Perfect Way to Teach Legal Writing

hat tip: Jim Levy (with additional applause for his co-editor-in-chief Kristin Gerdy, managing editor Brooke Bowman, and all the members of the Editorial Board)


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