Saturday, February 16, 2008

debut of Millennial Law Prof

Tracymcgaughtouro Touro Law Center's Tracy McGaugh has just launched her new blog, Millennial Law Prof. Tracy is well-known for her expertise on the generation gap and the problems arising when law professors (boomers, Xers, etc.) encounter strange beings from another generation. As Tracy's introductory post explains, we have a lot of questions about how to deal with students from another generation:

Do we give them the same kind of legal education we've always offered? How do we keep up with the technology we can use for teaching? What technology should we be using? What are our future law students learning in elementary and secondary schools right now? Do we finally acquiesce to the multi-tasking, technology-savvy expectations that Generation X introduced us to? How do we handle the dark side of their need for high achievement: plagiarism, cheating, use of stimulant drugs? Are there particular generations that seem to deal better with Millennials than others? And what about the Xers? Are they gone from legal education, or do we still have to figure out what to do with them (or "us" as the case may be)? And most important of all, in the future, will we all be on MySpace?

This blog will be a place to discuss these issues and more. Add it to Google Reader. Or come back to find out what Google Reader is and whether or not you have to use it to teach Torts.

Looks like a promising blog to read and bookmark.


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