Monday, January 7, 2008

r u rofl?

Among the many fine pieces chosen by Green Bag 2d as 2007's exemplary legal writing is a short piece by Roger W. Hughes, titled "Legalese in the Age of IM (Instant Messaging)." Originally published in the Texas Bar's Appellate Advocate newsletter, it is also reproduced here. It's worth a read. Among the suggested IM forms of legalese are these:

Imphone ASSA = assuming arguendo
WADR = with all due respect
MIPC = May it please the Court
THJTC = The Honorable Justices of This Court
OFG = Open the flood gates
2SL = slippery slope

The article contains many other clever acronyms, but my favorites are probably those suggested for use by the courts (e.g., Aff'd ULBLoGOI = affirmed, you lost below get over it).


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This is too funny! With courts accepting electronic filing of briefs, msybe the Blue Book should publish an approved list of acronyms.

Posted by: Greg May | Jan 11, 2008 10:49:50 AM

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