Sunday, August 19, 2007

bringing some wizardry into the legal writing classroom

I've persuaded my husband to go see the latest Harry Potter movie with me this afternoon, so pardon me for having Harry on the brain (and no, I haven't read the last book yet; I was traveling all summer, so I had my copy mailed to my son and daughter-in-law; I won't get it until I drive to Chicago to visit them next month). But I know a lot of you have thought about ways to bring a little wizardry into your classes this fall. Here are a couple of things you might enjoy:

U. of Memphis Professor Andrew McClurg's website of legal humor, which is presently displaying a column he wrote for the ABA Journal a few years ago: Hogwarts Torts (hurry to read this one, as he rotates the content every month).

Rugers's Prof. Ruth Anne Robbins' article, Harry Potter, Ruby Slippers and Merlin: Telling the Client's Story Using the Characters and Paradigm of the Archetypal Hero's Journey, 29 Seattle U. L. Rev. 767 (2006).


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