Saturday, April 28, 2007

legal counsel's nod to haiku

Professor Gregg Miller, at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, offers the following 3 lines, as instructions before you read the rest of his stanzas below:   

The seventh stanza
Is meant as a placeholder.
Change it as needed.

May it please the Court.
All my oral argument
Shall be in haiku.

I wish to reserve
Two minutes of my time here
For a rebuttal.

Appellant maintains
The trial court erred when it
Granted the demurrer.

An order granting
Demurrer is subject to
De novo review.

Any fact, as well as
Reasonable inference
May be examined.

Respondent alleged
Appellant did not plead breach
The trial court agreed.

Quite simply stated
Respondent’s trial counsel
Was a poopie-head.

I thank you for your time
And will now answer questions
You may have for me.


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