Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do your own LibraryThing

A story in Sunday's St. Petersburg (FL) Times describes, a "novel" site that lets book lovers/collectors enter data to catalog the books in their personal libraries. Why would I want to do that, you ask?

  • It lets you create a "library-quality" catalog of your books (using Amazon, Library of Congress, and other libraries to get full bibliographic data, jacket covers, and more), which would help you keep track of what you've got. (Not sure what books you've lent to friends and never gotten back? That's me.)
  • It lets you discover others who share your interest in those books (and warns you that you may find other users with "eerily similar" tastes in reading).
  • It facilitates formation of book clubs, discussion groups, and gatherings of those sorts.
  • It even suggests books you might be interested in adding to your collection, based on an analysis of what you presently have.
  • You can catalog up to 200 books for free. Subscription prices for larger collections are reasonably priced--$10/year or a lifetime membership for $25.


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