Saturday, January 28, 2006

recommended reading

A book with a surprising amount of food for thought for legal writers is Do You Speak American?, by Robert NacNeil and William Cran (Doubleday 2005).  The book is billed as "a companion to the PBS television series," and it provides a lot more detail than the TV series did, including a map of English dialects in the United States.  Although the book focuses on spoken American English, it provides interesting explanations of the interplay between spoken and written language.  It also makes some unexpected assertions about the health of the written language.  From a lawyer's perspective, knowing more about your audience and how it perceives what you're saying, whether orally or in writing, is always a good thing, and this book's forte is its explanations of language differences (and the changes in differences) throughout the U.S.  (spl)

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I read this book last summer and agree that it's a good (and I might add quick) read.

Posted by: Jim Dimitri | Feb 1, 2006 7:38:44 AM

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