Sunday, October 11, 2015

"Called On": A Novel by Lisa McElroy

COPB cover full_001I learned that friend Lisa McElroy (Drexel) has published her novel Called On with friend Alan Childress's (Tulane) Quid Pro Books.  From the blurb:

Libby Behl and Connie Shun are both at Warren Law because they want to make the world better. First-year student Libby’s got a lot to learn about law — not to mention love, long nights, and low-grade coffee. Through a difficult year, her professor Connie starts to question what she knows about how law — and justice — work. Witty and insightful, Called On is an insider’s peek into the struggles of learning law and the satisfaction of finding a new path in life.

The book is available in a Kindle edition.

Quid Pro also publishes Lawrence Friedman's (not just a historian, but a novelist too) "Frank May" mysteries, the latest of which is Dead in the Park.

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