Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So, A Rough Cartoon Always Says Much....*

HeminwayVia Facebook, I saw that my friend Joan Heminway had some interesting things to say about the private-public distinction in securities law over at our sister blog, Business Law Prof.  I heartily recommend it.

But with my usual instinct for avoiding the import of a serious presentation and jumping immediately to the trivial and irrelevant, it dawned on me I had never known that the Crowdfund Act of 2012 was really the CROWDFUND Act of 2012.  

My cartooning skills are not up to what they were in my productive peak thirty-five to forty years ago during my brief stints at the Michigan Daily and the Stanford Law Journal,** but I was inspired to grab my crutches, hop up to the second floor,* get a sharp pencil and some paper and sketch this:

Acronym Cartoon

* I suffered a complete rupture of my achilles tendon pretending I was a lot younger than I am and find that I now have a lot of time on my hands.

** This was the student newspaper, not the law review, something I noted on my resume for many years.


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Too funny, Jeff! I often say in presentations (only partially in jest) that Congress spent more time thinking up the acronyms here (JOBS Act and CROWDFUND Act) than they did the legal rules adopted in the legislation! But I love your drawing as an artistic representation of our joint thought. Twins of different parents, we are!

Posted by: joanheminway | Jun 17, 2014 2:43:01 PM

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