Friday, July 27, 2012

Cool Infographic on the Legal Services Industry

A really compelling way to convey a lot of important information.  I continue to be blown away by the volume of innovation I am seeing, mostly around interconnectivity.  (H/T: Greg Voakes at Business Insider)

The New Lawyer - Trends that are reshasping the Legal Industry

[posted by Bill Henderson]

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Not a problem. Pass many more confusing stupid laws to make everybody a potential criminal, then everybody needs a lawyer everyday of their life. Or, better, make everybody buy legal insurance, those who refuse will have to pay an ObamaLegalCare penalty. The IRS will hire another fifty thousand lawyers to make sure everybody pays.

Those who got fired can sue their employers for wrongful dismissals.
Those whose employers closed down can sue their competitors for "Alienation of Profits".
Those who believe they are qualified but are not hired can sue for "Wrongful Pre-hiring Dismissals".

Posted by: elkh1 | Jul 29, 2012 7:36:50 AM

Could not happen to a more deserving group of corrupt sociopaths.

Who says there's never any good news in the paper?

Posted by: Ed | Jul 29, 2012 9:10:33 AM

Rather strange to think that America, after all these years, might be reaching the saturation point of lawyers.

Posted by: The Sanity Inspector | Jul 29, 2012 5:54:28 PM

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