Sunday, July 8, 2012

A "Complicated Marxist"

The Big Think just posted a wonderful video of Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, who describes himself as a "complicated Marxist" because he holds in his mind simultaneously the virtues of individual capitalists with the problems of domination and inequality that are endemic to the capitalist system.  

I am posting the Zizek interview here because many of the problems currently afflicting legal education and the legal industry that I write about here are, more formidably, mere symptoms of broader problems that flow from a rapidly globalizing world economy--a topic so complex that we seldom acknowledge it.  That said, Frank Pasquale, in a post called "Jobless Futures," does an admirable job of cataloging our collective confusion. 

Zizek suggests that the solution to engage in serious thinking rather than misguided, ill-conceived activism.  Ah, now this should be the competitive advantage of a university-based graduate-level law degree--in addition to practical lawyering skills, we should be practicing with our students the science and art of critical thinking.  The best lawyers sidestep ideology and can think through issues on par with Zizek, whom we don't have to wholly agree with to admire.

[posted by Bill Henderson]

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Thanks for posting the video, as well as the link to Frank Pasquale's blog post. These issues, it seems to me, are what we need to be talking about. We can't solve the issues of legal (and other) education without, in parallel, addressing the issues of our society writ large. Not an easy task, incredibly exacerbated by the witches brew of the global economies, technological revolution and political polarization.

And yet we continue to eat, drink, procreate, think, laugh and struggle. So maybe we need to continue working at it, hacking away at every piece of it that's within our reach.

Posted by: Peter Lederer | Jul 9, 2012 11:24:19 AM

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