Thursday, January 29, 2015

Data Points from Harvard and Stanford

A few quick data points/references from the past week or two.  First, Harvard Law School’s Center for the Legal Profession has a new publication – The Practice.  While rather pricy, it is a window into what they are thinking in Cambridge.  The second issue is entirely about “Disruptive Innovation in Legal Services.”  While legal technology isn’t front and center, it is an underlying theme for many of the issues raised. Have a look at

Second, on the other coast, Stanford Law School’s CodeX Center sponsored a presentation by John McGinnis from Northwestern Law School on his recent pair of co-authored papers on the impact of legal technology on practice and jurisprudence: Law’s Algorithm ( and The Great Disruption: How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services (  These are worth a read.  The talk was recorded: it should be posted soon and can be accessed via the CodeX website  

The material is interesting in its own right, and it illustrates how legal technology and related topics of disruptive innovation are gaining attention at law schools across the spectrum.

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