Sunday, September 24, 2023

Roadmap: Roadmap: The Law Student's Guide to Meaningful Employment, Third Edition by Neil W. Hamilton

Neil Hamilton has just released the third edition of his book Roadmap: Roadmap: The Law Student's Guide to Meaningful Employment.  This book helps law students plan their careers from day one.  It only costs $19.95 on Amazon.

"What do you say when a potential employer asks, "Tell me about a project that you have managed and what you learned from that experience; tell me specifically about how you handled a difficult team member in implementing the project?" If you are like most law students, the slightest mention of "project management" or "difficult team member" makes you cringe, evoking painful memories of free-riding classmates. Once your discomfort passes, you either struggle to come up with a meaningful answer or fail to think of an experience demonstrating your project management and teamwork competencies. Would it surprise you to know that was supposed to be an easy question? What happens when you get a tricky question, such as, "What value do you bring beyond just technical legal skills to help our clients be successful?"

The Roadmap process transforms this type of challenging question into an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other students. You will not need to wait for a specific question about the value you bring beyond technical legal skills to help legal employers and clients. Instead, you will understand what skills legal employers and clients need and will be able to explain how your strongest skills can help them succeed. You will be prepared with your best stories to demonstrate persuasive evidence of your strongest skills."

There is a rave review of the book at

"Roadmap is a generous contribution to both law students and the law student professional identity formation movement."

"In Hamilton’s own words, 'the key first step in professional identity formation is for each student to take ownership of her own professional development.' This third edition of Roadmap is as good and as straightforward and user-friendly a guide to that first step as exists. 'It is tailored to foster each student’s growth toward ownership over their professional development and progress toward the goals of bar passage and meaningful post-graduation employment,' Hamilton writes. I agree with him, and I recommend the book for law students and law student professional identity and career services professionals alike."

(Scott Fruehwald)

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