Thursday, September 8, 2022

Taxonomizing Professional Identity Formation: The Soul of Legal Education by Harmony Decosimo

Professor Harmony Decosimo has written an important article on the different approaches to teaching professional identity in light of the new ABA requirement to include professional identity training in the law school curriculum:

Taxonomizing Professional Identity Formation: The Soul of Legal Education.


Following the ABA’s recent mandate requiring law schools to provide students with opportunities for “professional identity formation,” this is the first article to taxonomize the field of professional identity formation advanced or employed in U.S. law schools. By organizing this muddled field into three dominant approaches and examining the primary and sometimes unspoken goals of each, this article unveils the potential pitfalls in this project, including the possibility of coercion, indoctrination, impotence, or waste. Ultimately, this article paves the way for more honest, open, and fruitful dialogue and debate as law schools strategically plan how best to engage in the professional identity formation of future lawyers.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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