Thursday, March 17, 2022

Congratulations . . . to me!

At the recent 20th Anniversary meeting of the Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, I received the "Envisioning Award" for my role in founding the conference a little more than 20 years ago when I was a legal writing professor at the University of Colorado School of Law (Boulder!). I very much appreciated having my contributions recognized in this way. Thank you.

And an interesting bit of trivia about the founding of the conference . . . . As we batted around ideas about what to call it (my first suggestion was to call it the "Southwest Legal Writing Conference" but we quickly realized that wasn't going to work as there was already a Southwest School of Law in Los Angeles), I then thought the most geographically appropriate name was the "Mountain Region Legal Writing Conference" since that would take into account the variety of mountain ranges in the general vicinity that includes Utah, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado (with which I was familiar due to my fanatical devotion to skiing at the time). But the others liked the sound of "Rocky Mountain Conference" better even though it doesn't accurately describe the area that we had hoped to draw participants from. But since I was employed by CU at the time, I had no objection to calling it the "Rocky Mountain Conference" and so it became. Yet another example of a "happy accident" that worked out for the better since I now agree that "Rocky Mountain Conference" rolls off the tongue a wee bit better than "Mountain Region Conference."

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Finally, to our loyal readers, I confess my embarrassment at how much I've been slacking in my blogging duties over the past year. I don't have a really good excuse except to say that I've been feeling pretty burned out (no doubt exacerbated by the pandemic). However, the Legal Skills Prof Blog is still very much alive and kicking (though concededly languishing a bit) so please keep those tips, stories, and other news items rolling in . . . . . We will report them in due course. 


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