Monday, January 17, 2022

More on Professor Robert Kuehn's study of the changing demographics of legal skills faculty

An astute reader pointed out that some key graphics that help illustrate Professor Kuehn's data on the changing demographics of legal skills faculty didn't make it into my previous post (even after more than a decade of using this blogging platform, I still get befuddled by idiosyncrasies of Typepad). My apologies to Professor Kuehn. To see the results of his research including the helpful charts and graphics, please go here to SSRN where you can download his study yourself.

Here's an abstract of his article:

This paper tracks law school faculty demographics by gender and race/ethnicity since 1980. While the diversity of law school faculty has been increasing over the past four decades, it still lags behind the gender and racial/ethic diversity among law students. Also, the demographics of faculty subgroups diverge widely, particularly by gender, with women continuing to be disproportionately hired into traditionally lower status/lower paying clinical and legal writing positions.


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