Wednesday, November 18, 2020

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Zoom - my embrace of online teaching (with pics!) - Part 2.

Continued from Part 1. Another pic of my office Zoom set-up. FYI, I also created a similar set-up at home in case my school suddenly had to close down due to a Covid outbreak (So far that hasn't happened. My school has done a really good job keeping us safe). It was time for me to upgrade my home desktop computer anyway and with some spare parts I bought on eBay I was able to convert my single, desk mounted monitor arm to a dual arm. Adding a new pair of USB speakers, a standalone microphone, and a spare headset (with built-in mic), I'm now ready to teach from home at the drop of a hat if necessary. Altogether, it's likely cost me less than a $1000.00 to fully upgrade both my home and office systems to be fully Zoom compliant. Too bad we can no longer itemize. Compressed 3rd pic

Above is the "brains" of the operation; several whiteboards purchased from Amazon that I can prepare with text and diagrams before class to illustrate key points for that day's lesson or leave 'em blank and write on them as we go. As you'll see in the next set of pics, I use an easel placed next to my desk to frame the whiteboards in front of the camera and can switch them in and out as we go. Students have told me they much prefer my use of the whiteboards to screen-shares and PowerPoints on Zoom. 

Continued in Part 3, below


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