Friday, November 20, 2020

FIU Scores No. 1 on The Florida Bar, Again

Everyone knows that the administration of the Florida bar exam was a disaster this year.  Because of this, it was hard to predict what the results would be.  Well, they were pretty bad, but they were about the same as last year.  There was a 71.7 passage rate for first-time takers this year compared to 73.9% for last year.

Another thing that didn't change this year was the top-ranked law school: Florida International University with an 89.3% pass rate.  That's six consecutive years they have scored number one on the July exam.  As the National Jurist said last winter, "OK, this is getting ridiculous." (An Unexpected Leader).  FSU was second at 84.4% and UF was third at 83.9%.

What is even more ridiculous is that more law schools are not using the proven teaching approaches adopted by FIU.  As I have stated on this blog many, many times (Jim will attest to this), educational scholars have established what teaching approaches are effective and which are not.  (see my book, How to Grow A Lawyer for a detailed discussion)  There is a science to learning.  Law schools need to use it.

(Scott Fruehwald)

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