Sunday, September 27, 2020

preLaw Magazine identifies law schools with top family law programs

preLaw Magazine has a long time practice of ranking law schools in several specialty categories related to legal skills training like "best schools for practical training" or "best moot court programs."  But this column from the September issue, however, is about highlighting law schools that have noteworthy family law programs as an alternative to attempting to "rank" each one in relation to the others (a much more reasonable way, I think, to recognize law schools that are making a commitment to certain parts of the curriculum as compared to a ranking system which is much more subjective and arbitrary). Without further ado, here are the family law programs that preLaw has singled out for special recognition:

Top Schools for Family Law

Family law is one of the most important legal specialties because of who can be in the crosshairs: children. It focuses on so many of society’s chilling realities, from domestic violence to homelessness to family abandonment.

Many schools devote considerable resources to this area of law. Here are some new developments at the nation’s top law schools:

New York Law School 

Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law

University of Miami School of Law

Seattle University School of Law

Loyola University Chicago School of Law

Drake University Law School

Southwestern Law School

DePaul University College of Law

Washburn University School of Law

University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law

Continue reading here to learn more about each of these programs and why preLaw has selected them for special recognition.


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