Thursday, August 6, 2020

Think Like A Lawyer (2020) by Scott Fruehwald: Table of Contents

Here is the Table of Contents to the Second Edition of My Book, Think Like A Lawyer: Legal Reasoning for Law Students and Professionals.

Table of Contents

Preface vii

Chapter One: The Five Types of Legal Reasoning 1

Chapter Two: Reading and Analyzing Cases 9

Chapter Three: Reasoning by Analogy 37

Chapter Four: Rule-Based Reasoning 59

Chapter Five: Synthesizing Cases: Rule Synthesis 73

Chapter Six: Interpreting Statutes 89

Chapter Seven: Writing A Sample Analysis:
The Small-Scale Paradigm 119

Chapter Eight: Responding to Opposing Arguments
and Distinguishing Cases 131

Chapter Nine: Advanced Problem Solving, Creativity,
and Critical Thinking 153

Appendix A: How The American Legal System Developed 179

Appendix B: Canons of Statutory Construction 183

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(Scott Fruehwald)

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