Thursday, April 23, 2020

preLaw Magazine's 2020 law school rankings for practical skills training

Below is the 2020 preLaw Magazine's rankings for "best practical legal skills training." The magazine assesses each school according to a number of data points that focus on practical skills curricular offerings like clinics, externships, simulation courses, pro bono hours and moot court participation.  The magazine gives the largest weight in its overall scoring (32%) to the number of clinical offerings.  It then asked schools to provide the number of students who completed a clinic in 2018-19. If a student was enrolled in two semesters, that counted as two. Extra credit was given to schools where clinical work is guaranteed or required. 

Externships were weighted at 25% of the overall rankings score with the magazine asking schools how many students completed one in 2018-19. Again, if a student had two externships, that counted as two. Simulation courses accounted for 20% of the overall score with preLaw asking schools to provide total enrollment figures for such courses.

Moot court and pro bono hours accounted for 10% of the total rankings score. If a school required pro bono hours, it got extra credit.

Finally, the magazine gave 10% to additional practical training offerings, such as required legal writing.  It asked schools to provide it with such information as the schools saw fit.

If schools did not reply, the magazine relied on ABA data.

Schools were then grouped based on their overall scores as "A+," "A," "A-," or "B+" and then ranked individually within those groups. The rankings for the "A+" schools are below.  See the magazine here for the rankings of schools in "A," "A-," and "B+" groups. 

  1. Northeastern University
  2. St. Thomas University - Mn.
  3. Baylor University 
  4. University of Minnesota 
  5. University of Denver 
  6. Brooklyn Law School
  7. Elon University 
  8. Brigham Young University 
  9. Case Western Reserve University 
  10. Pepperdine University 
  11. University of Arizona 
  12. Liberty University School of Law 
  13. Florida Coastal School of Law 
  14. Chapman Fowler School of Law 
  15. Southwestern Law School 
  16. University of Georgia
  17. North Carolina Central University 
  18. University of Colorado 
  19. UC - Irvine 


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Glad to see this list and that Arizona Law is on it. The strength of U of A's practical program empowered me in my career. I recently wrote about my law school and practical experience at the U of A as a student focused on opening my own practice after law school.

Posted by: Dan Jaffe | Apr 26, 2020 10:22:09 AM

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