Thursday, March 5, 2020

The latest issue of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing is out now!

The Fall 2019 issue, Vol. 27, No. 2, is now out and available on the Perspectives website here (as well as links to individual articles below).

Thanks to all the authors, the editorial board, and Thomson Reuters for underwriting this publication for close to 30 years. If you're not yet a subscriber, you can sign up to be one here.

And here's the table of contents for the new issue (along with links):


The Feedback Feeding Frenzy: Adding Audio and Technology to the Mix
By Professors Amy B. Levin and Joe Regalia (Loyola (LA) & UNLV)

Teaching Legal Analysis: A Tale from the Front
By Assistant Director of Academic Support Charles R. Splawn (Elon)

Breaking News: Drafting Client Alerts to Prepare for Practice
By Professor Cecilia A. Silver (Brooklyn)

Also, apologies to our loyal readers for my unintended absence from this blog for many weeks (and great thanks to my co-blogger Scott for holding down the fort). Serving as EIC of Perspectives has been kicking my butt time-wise and I also recently found out that I've been anemic over the past year due to a change in diet (more specifically, my lack of eating) because of an extremely painful back injury last spring that resulted in surgery. The resulting lack of energy on my part has been palpable which has made it harder to stay awake late at night when I do most of my blogging.  Anyway, please don't let that keep you from reaching out with relevant posts for the blog. I aim to do better going forward. And much gratitude (again) to Scott!

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