Friday, March 27, 2020

How to change your Zoom video conferencing background for class, student conferences, or whatever.

If you'd like to add some background imagery pizazz to your Zoom classes, student conferences, or other online activities, the internet is your oyster offering up an almost unlimited number of options. On Zoom's website you can find instructions for changing the default background image.  You can then upload your own photos to Zoom to use as video conferencing wallpaper instead. Perhaps a personal photo from a favorite vacation spot? Or maybe a photo of a historical location? Yup, Zoom let's you do that.

But there are many other options too. For instance, the interior design website Curbed offers pointers on what makes a good, stylish home video conferencing background and then, in case your own home office isn't up to snuff, they provide 15 sample room images you can download for use on Zoom.

There's also this: Don't just post your class video recordings to the cloud, with these free templates from Canva, you can make it look like you're actually teaching from the cloud.

The popular stock image website Shutterstock also offers tips for choosing effective Zoom backgrounds and then provides a bunch of free templates you can use.

Looking for something more, uh, unusual? What about scary backgrounds? Check!  Sporty backgrounds? Checkarooni!  Exotic backgrounds? Yup, you can find those too. Romantic or sexy backgrounds? I'll let you search for those on your own. 


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