Thursday, March 12, 2020

Include Nova Southeastern University College of Law among the law schools cancelling face-to-face classes due to the coronavirus

The administrators at my own school, Nova Southeastern University College of Law, made the call late on Thursday evening to suspend all classes - both face-to-face and online - until next Friday, March 20 at which point all face-to-face class meetings will be permanently suspended until at least April 17 (which is the end of our semester) and instead we'll move forward with online classes only. The faculty started training this week in the use of the online platform Zoom so we can all be ready to move our classes online beginning on Monday, March 23.  For those keeping track of how each school is responding, here's my university's webpage that describes the steps we're taking in response to the coronavirus.

To be clear, there have been no reported cases of coronavirus on campus though the local news is reporting four (4) cases in Broward County as of tonight, March 12 (which should not be unexpected given Ft. Lauderdale has a very large cruise ship port with lots of intra- and international passenger traffic moving through the area each day).  Instead, Nova is doing this as a prophylactic measure. 

According to the TaxProf Blog, there are now more than 100 law schools (including my own) that have moved classes online in response to the coronavirus.


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