Monday, January 6, 2020

The worst ed-tech debacles of the past decade

The blogger and author Audrey Watters (who is a self-described Cassandra of educational technology) has used the start of the new decade as an opportunity to look back over the past 10 years and chronicle what she calls the top 100 ed-tech "failures and f#%& -ups and flawed ideas." Her detailed list covers everything from "the flipped classroom" (#92) to "op-eds on banning classroom laptops" (#90) to "TurnItIn (and the cheating detection racket)" (#57) to "Brain Training" (# 56). Of course there's no shortage of overhyped classroom technologies and trends making her list which ensures IBM's Watson (#40) will never want for company.  Check out Ms. Watters full list here and see if your favorite classroom technology will be remembered as a ground-breaking innovation that makes teaching and learning easier and better or instead is a failed experiment that will be relegated to the dustbin of overhyped classroom technologies.   


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