Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The role and importance of law professor affect in the classroom

In 2006, I published a law review article called As a Last Resort, Ask the Students: What They Say Makes Someone An Effective Law Teacher, 58 Maine L. Rev. 50 (2006) (and available here on SSRN) that reported the results of a student survey I conducted at two law schools asking students to identify the personality traits they think makes someone an effective law professor. I just received an email from a law professor in Germany who is responsible for publishing something called The International Yearbook of Legal Education and he'd like to include my article in the next issue which is devoted to "the role of emotionality and personality of law teachers in legal education." As Professor Bergmans explained to me, it is an aspect of law teaching that has been "almost totally neglected in the . . . scientific literature on legal education" and is "rarely addressed in detail." So I was pleased to learn that Professor Bergmans said he'd like to republish my article for an international audience of legal educators. Over the course of my teaching career, I haven't published many law review length articles - chiefly because they take me years to write as I feel the need to spend sufficient time to dive deeply into my subjects to try to get it right.  So it's always nice to hear that others have actually read what I've written and find it helpful to their own teaching. 


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