Sunday, September 22, 2019

The LSAT has now gone fully digital

A press release from the LSAC and companion story from the Cornell Daily Sun discuss how the partial introduction last summer of a digital version of the LSAT has gone fully digital as of last weekend's administration of the test. Using a No. 2 pencil to circle little boxes is as antiquated as using a slide rule; test-takers are now handed a tablet for the multiple choice portion of the exam which they complete by touching the correct choices while the "written" portion of the exam is conducted via a new digital platform that lets candidates take it at the time and place of their choice. From the LSAC website:

The Digital LSAT is the same multiple-choice exam as the paper-and-pencil LSAT, delivered on easy-to-use tablets instead of booklets. The tablets will be provided to test takers at the test center. The content and the structure of the test sections and questions are the same as the traditional paper-and-pencil LSAT. It is important to note that the test day is now shorter for test takers because the LSAT Writing is (as of June 2019) administered separately from the LSAT multiple-choice test sections, online via a secure testing platform. Another important change for test takers is that their answers are now selected on the screen by tapping on their answer choice. There are no more paper answer sheets. The tablet offers great features such as a timer with a five-minute warning, highlighting, and flagging to keep track of questions that a test taker may want to revisit in a section.


The transition to the Digital LSAT began in July 2019, when approximately half of the test takers were assigned to take the test on a tablet provided by LSAC, and the rest took the traditional paper-and-pencil test. After the July 2019 test, the LSAT will be digital in North America starting September 2019.


To help provide test takers with the tools and content to prepare effectively and confidently for the Digital LSAT, we have published several full practice tests to the Get Acquainted with the Digital LSAT practice site. These practice tests provide an experience that mirrors the experience of the Digital LSAT. Prospective test takers can access the Get Acquainted site (including practice tests) on a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Continue reading the LSAC press release here. You can read the companion Cornell Daily Sun story here.


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