Friday, September 6, 2019

Get in touch if you're interested in writing a book review for "Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing"

The Editorial Board of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing is always interested in publishing reviews of popular audience books that would be of interest to legal writing professors, law librarians, law firm writing consultants, and anyone else involved in the teaching or training of legal research and writing skills. Perspectives does not publish reviews of textbooks and similar publications intended specifically for use in the classroom (since we're a peer-edited publication, there are potential conflicts of interest and other ethical quandaries that could arise from appearing to endorse one colleague's textbook over another's). What we have in mind instead is that if you run across a book written for a general interest audience that you think our readership should know about or would find interesting, please get in touch. Subject matter could include popular books about the writing process, information literacy in the digital age, the cognitive science of how we write and communicate, etc., etc. We take an expansive view of what sorts of general interest books would be potentially helpful or interesting to our audience so if you've got something in mind, get in touch and let's discuss.

What reminded me to publish this solicitation is the post below about Professor Joe Moran's new book on effective writing. In particular, if you're interested in writing a review of Professor Moran's book "First You Write a Sentence," then please do get in touch with the Editorial Board here and we'll talk.


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