Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Positive Self-Talk in the Second Person Works Better than in the First Person

Educators have frequently advocated positive self-talk to help build motivation.  Examples: "I can do well on this test."  "I can succeed in law school."  Now, a study of athletes has concluded that second person self-talk works better than first person self-talk.   "You can succeed in law school."

The Telegraph, You can do it! Scientists find urging yourself on in the second person is the key to sporting success

Dr James Hardy, one of the researchers, said: “It is possible that using a non-first person pronoun perspective helps performance because it allows the runner to adapt a thinking process that is more helpful for her/himself.

“That is, it promotes a more distanced perspective enabling the performer to stand back and “observe” what is going on; akin to being in the balcony looking down on the dance floor rather on the dance floor itself.

This in turn promotes clearer thinking, better choices, and enhanced performance.”

(Scott Fruehwald)

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