Monday, July 15, 2019

Book Announcement: How to Succeed in Law School (2019)

Last year, I wrote a book that showed law professors how they could help their students succeed. This book turns that book around to show law students how they can use these techniques to succeed in law school

How to Succeed in Law School (2019).

My book differs from other similarly-titled books in that it draws on the latest in education research.  In other words, it doesn't give students superficial advice, rather, it gives them the proven tools they need to succeed in law school.


"This book shows you what works, and, equally importantly, what doesn't work for succeeding in law school. It was written by an expert in legal education, who has taught at law schools for 15 years and who has written six books on legal education. The book begins by helping you develop a growth mindset and self-motivation. Then, it gives you study techniques that will help you learn efficiently and effectively, such as self-testing, interleaving, and spaced studying, as well as study techniques that are a waste of time. It explains how to read a legal text effectively and how to brief cases. It introduces you to the nuts and bolts of law school and gives you context for law school. It also explains wellness, which will help you survive the rigors of law school. Finally, it helps you become a self-regulated learner, which is important for doing well in law school and as a lawyer."

(Scott Fruehwald)


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