Thursday, June 27, 2019

Revised law student assistance booklets

Larry Krieger is once again offering his law student assistance booklets at a very low cost.  Here is the announcement:

Hello friends, It is time for the summer announcement of the student assistance booklets (now updated) that I’ve been doing for several years.  Some of you may want to provide them to incoming or present classes at your school.  Please note: We will be away from July 15-30, so if you need these little books for early August, please let me know in the next 7-10 days ideally.  There are informational notes for the revisions and links at the bottom here – for views, contents, costs, etc.  If you have questions, just email me directly, [email protected]  .  If you wish to order, have any questions, or wish to view the entire contents before ordering,  just email me directly (before ordering, see links below for the information needed).

This is the second printing of the revision I accomplished last fall, updating and expanding on the material in both previous booklets. This edition applies new research to guide students both to minimizing law school stress and making wise, science-based job/career choices. For colleagues who used the first printing last year, the current edition has two small improvements.  First, the ink impression last year was a bit lighter; this second printing is bolder.  Second, the chart that shows the small to nil “happiness values” of success factors (i.e. class rank, law review, income, lack of debt, partnership in a firm), compared to the exceptional value of human factors like integrity and purpose, is also redone to be clearer.   

I wish you all a wonderful summer and appreciate your great efforts for the health, happiness, and success of our students.  Thanks again, Larry


Notes:  (1) The new book is in two primary parts; students can read it for one or both purposes -- stress prevention during law school and finding career satisfaction.  (2) Happily, the printer was very efficient so the end cost of this larger publication has remained around $1.40 each for typical sized orders.

View ordering info. and costs:

Timing for use of the material, especially for entering 1L’s.  Orientation is convenient but also presents some potential problems. If interested, see:

(Scott Fruehwald)

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