Friday, April 12, 2019

PreLaw Magazine's Top Law Schools for Practical Skills Training

PreLaw Magazine has ranked law schools based on a formula that takes into account the number of clinical opportunities available per the total number of students enrolled, the number of field placement opportunities available to students, and the number of seats offered in law practice simulation classes.  In addition, according to the accompanying article, PreLaw also considered each school's pro bono programs as well as "other [course] offerings" (you can read a more detailed explanation of the magazine's ranking methodology by scrolling to page 27 of the accompanying article here).

Based on the aforementioned formula, here is PreLaw Magazine's 2019 list of the best law schools for practical skills training:

1 Northeastern University                               
2 University of St. Thomas - Mn.                  
3 Pepperdine University                                 
4 UC - Irvine                                                     
5 Yale Law School                                              
6 Ohio Northern University                             
7 Brooklyn Law School                                     
8 University of Chicago                                     
9 University of Arizona                                         
10 Florida Coastal School of Law                        
11 University of Utah                                             
12 Case Western Reserve University                 
13 University of New Hampshire                     
14 Loyola University Chicago                           
15 University of Wisconsin                                 
16 University of Denver                                     
17 North Carolina Central Univ.                     

You can read the accompanying article here.


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