Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lexis Advance will soon introduce chatbots to assist users with legal research

This is big news - Lexis Advance will introduce in the next couple of months a bot feature called Lexis Research Assistant that will enable users to converse with the search engine. Robert Ambrogi's LawSites blog has the story (hat tip to the Law Librarian Blog) here. As a Lexis representative explained: "We see in the future an interaction with Lexis Advance that is highly conversational . . . . You ask a question, we present results." Here's more about the new Lexis chatbot feature via LawSites

Chatbots are Coming to Lexis Advance, to Help Guide Your Legal Research


“What if legal research was more human, more like a conversation, the kinds we have among ourselves?”


With that tantalizing query, Serena Wellen, senior director of research information at LexisNexis, revealed during a Legalweek media briefing that the legal research platform Lexis Advance will soon include chatbots to help guide users in their research.


“Our goal is to make legal research more guided in a more conversational experience,” Wellen said.


Called Lexis Research Assistant, the bot is slated to be released within the Lexis Advance platform within the next few months. Eventually, users will be able to interact with multiple sub-bots for various tasks related to their research workflow.


During a brief demonstration, Wellen showed that the bot is activated by clicking an icon in Advance. That opens an activity stream along the right side of the screen showing your recent research activity. Each bubble in the stream is a research thread you performed. All your work is saved as a thread within the bot. At any time, you can click a thread to engage conversationally with the bot.


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Continue reading Mr. Ambrogi's report here.



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