Monday, December 3, 2018

The most important skills for in-house lawyers who want to work in the tech field

The website says that if you want to work as in-house counsel in the tech field, you should develop the following skill set in addition to the standard set of practice ready skills every lawyer should acquire in law school:

  • Adaptability - since tech companies, like technology itself, are rapidly changing and evolving, you need to be someone who can adapt quickly to that change.
  • Interpersonal skills - we've heard this general advice before in one form or another but since techies are reputedly deficient in interpersonal skills, if you're able to develop good ones in law school or beyond, it can really help you shine in-house at a tech company. 
  • Gaining specific industry experience - this one makes common sense. If you want to work in-house for an app developer, there's no better preparation than gaining some practical experience working in the field to make you more competitive as a job candidate and more invaluable once you're part of the team. 

Read Findlaw's full advice column here.


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